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Whether you take a trip to a magical kingdom, start studying a new language or simply enter the world of a typical day to day story, reading allows the mind to escape from everyday stressors and helps the body relax and prepare for bedtime.

Finding the perfect mattress for you is just one piece of the puzzle. Establishing healthy daily and nightly procedures in order to fully enjoy the bed you land in at the end of the day is necessary to achieve a refreshed feeling the next morning.

At Wholesale Mattress Center we understand the importance of a solid night of sleep on a mattress you love, and we know that the way in which you prepare for sleep impacts the pleasure you gain from the mattress you sleep on. Here are four reasons to consider incorporating reading into your nighttime routine:

Reading reduces stress

Most people eat dinner, talk on the phone or do work right before jumping into their bed for the evening, but what if you took a little bit of time to relax, unwind and stop your mind from racing? Reading is the perfect way to do that.

Carving out time to dedicate toward a calm hobby such as reading directly before bedtime is a proven way to gain a full night of rest. Since your brain is able to focus on just one thing, when the time comes to turn off the lights and pull up the covers, your mind is able to easily go blank. In other words, instead of making an entire intersection of racing cars suddenly halt, you are able to prepare and slowly wind-down your own mind's speed as you approach the stop sign of sleep.

While a specific novel genre does not significantly impact the amount you are able to relax, the University of Minnesota suggests that news stories and other serious articles that may be stressful or upsetting should not be incorporated into your night time routine.

Reading improves your health

Picking up a book at night not only helps your mind to unwind, but can also result in other areas of improved health. Just as a quality mattress and sleep can improve the way you physically function, reading can strengthen your overall brain activity.

Keeping your cognitive function quick can be accomplished with reading. Introducing new words and storylines helps to keep your mind sharp and your memory on edge. Picking new books, rather than always re-reading your favorites, is alo proven to boost intelligence since you continue to learn new sentence structures and concepts.

Reading has also been proven to improve social skills. It has been proven that those that set time to read and comprehend texts are also better able to understand others thoughts, beliefs and feelings.

Reading reduces screen time

Everyone knows that staring at your computer or phone screen before shutting your eyes for the day is not recommended.

Research shows that when you stare at an electronic screen prior to sleep your body is not able to produce an adequate amount of melatonin, the sleep hormone, to allow for a deep slumber. Replacing the pixels with print allows your body time to prepare for a night of sleep from the inside out.

Just as your body needs to rest on a comfortable mattress, your eyes need a break too. Putting down the phone and picking up a paper book after crawling into bed is a great way to give your eyes a break from the blue light produced from electronic devices.

Reading can help form a bedtime routine

Any bedtime routine is better than no bedtime routine. Allowing your brain to know what to expect when sleep time approaches is a great way to create a healthy pattern that will in turn improve overall sleep habits.

Pairing your reading hobby with other relaxing remedies such a night time tea or a quick yoga unwinding session will also help to gain the most out of your sleep.

Incorporating even just 20 minutes of reading into your night around the same time and in the same order every evening is a simple way to prepare for bed and create a good foundation for the next day.

While establishing a healthy nighttime ritual is an important factor to waking rested and ready for the day, the mattress you sleep on following your routine is just as significant.

Here at Wholesale Mattress Center we offer quality mattresses that will provide a comfortable night of rest. With various size, firmness and brand options available, your perfect mattress can be found with us. Stop by our store or peruse our online shop to learn more about our product options.

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