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Do you feel like your bed and mattress do not give you the same support they did in the beginning? If this is the case, your mattress may need to be replaced, which is usually a considerably expensive investment. The average lifespan of a mattress is anywhere from five to ten years, but through care and maintenance, you can keep your bed in tip-top shape. Taking specific steps to care for your bed can save you from unwanted costs later and keep your bed healthy and comfortable for as long as possible.

Here are some ways to extend the life of your bed:

Use a Mattress Cover

A mattress cover is one of the best ways to make your mattress last longer because it can provide protection against accidents that can accumulate over a long period of time. A protector can also act as the first line of defense to reduce allergen buildup and bacteria or dust mites from being absorbed into your bed. For children, a waterproof mattress cover can help prevent accidental leaks from seeping into the mattress that can degrade the material or leave an odor.

Clean the Mattress and Bedding

The number of times you choose to wash your sheets may vary depending on your personal preference, but most experts recommend washing your sheets every two weeks. This permits the build-up of sweat, skin, and oil to be washed off the mattress, preventing damage. You should also try to clean your mattress once every few months with a steam vacuum to help kill any bacteria and keep the bed fresh and new.

Rotate Your Mattress

Mattress rotation is another way to help preserve the internal structure of the mattress. Because your body weight puts pressure on the mattress, it can become deformed if not given the proper time to restore itself. If you begin to see a groove or indention in the spot where you tend to sleep, it may be time to rote or flip the bed to ensure it remains supportive. Flipping your mattress regularly will help distribute your weight evenly overtime to extend your bed’s lifespan.

Choose the Right Mattress

If you buy a mattress that isn’t right for you, then it won’t be long before you realize you need a different one. Consult with a mattress store staff member to make sure your investment is one that can last for several years. We can help you choose the right bed for you so you will want to keep it for years to come.

Make sure to pay attention to the terms of your warranty when looking to buy a new mattress. This can help provide you with information on what the manufacturer covers and specific tips on how to care for your mattress.

Inspect Your Mattress

Take the time to inspect your mattress at least once a month to look for any bed bugs, spots, stains, or dust mites to keep it clean and safe to sleep on. One of the quickest ways to ruin a good mattress is the infiltration of bed bugs. Regulatory inspections are crucial to your mattress’s lifespan. Keeping luggage off the floor and investing in a bedbug-proof mattress cover are two things you can do to keep pests out of your bed.

Make Your Bed a Pet & Food Free Zone

Although it may be tempting to eat in bed or allow your pet to lie with you, keeping your bed clean and mess-free will save you money in the long run. Food crumbs can find their way into your sheets and mattress layers leading to unwanted problems and germs. The same goes for your pets that can bring sweat, hair, and slobber into your bed while also carrying unwanted bugs or mites in from outside. A pet can also cause accidents, which can destroy even the best mattress.

Provide a Strong Base

A strong bed base for your mattress will provide you with the best benefits when it comes to comfort and durability. One way to fix this would be to buy your mattress and base together from the same place to know if they will work well together. A good base needs to be able to hold the constant weight and pressure of the mattress without breaking, bending, or sagging.

What Not To Do

DO NOT jump on the bed
  • DO NOT put the bed outside
  • DO NOT move the bed on an open covered truck bed
  • DO NOT get your bed excessively wet to where mold can grow.

How We Can Help

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