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You already know that a good night’s sleep is great for your body. Sleep can reduce stress, improve your memory, repair the body, and make you feel happier. Maybe you didn’t understand that what you eat right before bed can actually have a serious impact on your sleep quality. Since Wholesale Mattress Center wants to ensure you have the best sleep experience, we have compiled a list of seven foods you should avoid eating before bed.

1. Chocolate

While a square of chocolate can be a reasonable indulgence because of its antioxidants, it is a poor bedtime choice due to its high sugar content. According to a study published by the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, sugary foods including chocolate and ice cream can drastically increase your chance of getting nightmares. Chocolate can also be a source of caffeine, which is the next item on our list.

2. Caffeine

You probably won’t be shocked to hear one of the worst things you could have before bed is a cup of coffee or other caffeinated beverages. These drinks are stimulants meant to keep you awake and stay in your system for about 10 hours. As a rule of thumb, keep your caffeine intake to 200 to 300 milligrams per day and avoid it close to bedtime.

3. Spicy Foods

Curry, hot sauce, mustard, hot peppers, and other spicy foods contain high levels of capsaicin. While our body temperature naturally lowers to facilitate sleep, this chemical elevates our body temperature and interferes with the thermoregulation process. These types of foods also require us to use a high level of energy to digest the spices, which further disrupts a night of deep sleep.

4. Alcohol

Did you know the most popular sleep aid in the United States actually interrupts our sleep cycle? 20% of Americans have a glass of wine or another alcoholic drink each night to help them fall asleep, but this is doing more harm than many realize. The drowsy effects of this depressant wear off quickly and studies have shown that drinking alcohol before bed reduces the quality of your sleep and increases the likelihood that you will wake up during the night.

5. Chips

Unfortunately, store-bought chips and salted nuts are not the best snacks before sleep. A study published by Frontiers in Psychology found that the greasy and fat in them makes you more prone to indigestion and nightmares. The salt also dehydrates the body and increases water retention. Experts recommend staying away from salty foods at least two to three hours before bed if you need good sleep.

6. Red Meat

While a steak dinner might make you feel full and drowsy, red meat is loaded with fats and animal-based proteins that will make your body work a lot harder to digest. This can promote brain activity at the wrong time and lead to sleep disturbances, heartburn, and indigestion. This is made even worse if you pair your red meat with spices.

7. Pizza

Although pizza is a classic midnight craving, it is one of the worst foods you can have right before trying to catch some Zzzs. The acidic tomato sauce, high-fat cheese, and refined bread are a recipe for acid reflux that can give you heartburn or a stomach ache. Tomato sauce and cheese also both contain tyramine that can keep your brain alert for a longer time. If you still want late night pizza, we suggest opting for a healthier thin-style crust, light cheese, and an olive oil-based sauce instead of marinara.

Reasons you should reconsider eating in bed…

Eating in bed is bad for your mattress because it can easily attract dirt, dust, and other particles, which can ruin the mattress's hygiene and quality. Additionally, crumbs, spills, and other messes can make their way into the mattress and cause it to become stained. Eating in bed can also attract insects and pests–gross! Finally, eating in bed can also cause your mattress to become lumpy and uncomfortable over time, as the food and liquids sink into the mattress.

How Wholesale Mattress Center Can Help

While certain foods can make a difference in your quality of sleep, it’s just as important to be sleeping on the right mattress. Wholesale Mattress Center can pair you with the perfect mattress for your rest, your lifestyle, and your budget. We also offer a robust and beautiful collection of furniture suitable for every living space. Contact us today for your most restful night of sleep yet!

Stay tuned for part two on the BEST foods for sleep!

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