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When you sleep at night, you want your mattress to be your ultimate place of comfort. At a certain point in time, the old mattress that once gave you relief could be doing the opposite. There are a number of effects that an old mattress has on your health. Eventually, it becomes time for you to say goodbye to your current mattress and go shopping for a new one. Before you go on the search for your future mattress, make sure you keep these aspects in mind when searching for a mattress store.

1. Selection

Before shopping for a mattress you should decide what size mattress is right for you and the level of firmness that is necessary for your best possible sleep. You may even already be aware of the mattress brand that you prefer. Once you have an idea of what type of mattress you are looking for, you should research the selections of the mattress stores near you, to ensure they have a broad selection of mattresses to choose from.

2. Positive Customer Service

When looking for a mattress store, you want to not only find comfort in a mattress, but comfort in your customer experience. Mattresses are an expensive and important purchase. It is understandable for guests of a mattress store to enter with questions and need assistance in making this important choice. It is vital that a mattress store prides itself on helpful and friendly customer service.

3. Cleanliness

It is crucial to find a mattress store that is clean. There is no person who would like to visit a mattress store that is unclean. An unclean mattress store could potentially be selling unclean products. Customers are looking for a product to lay their heads on to rest, so no one wants to seek out their new mattress with the concern that it is unclean. Always choose a mattress store that looks professional and clean.

4. Locality

An important aspect of finding a great mattress store is locating a store that is a local business. A great reason to use a local mattress store is the price of handling and delivery. If you have a vehicle large enough to haul your mattress to your home from the local mattress store, then the price of delivery will not be a source of stress. If you have your mattress delivered from a local business, the shipping cost could be lowered significantly due to the short delivery distance. Another reason to use a local mattress store is to support the community. Supporting local businesses helps the town develop and prosper. When you shop locally and support small businesses, you cycle money back into your community. According to Forbes, “The tax revenue made through sale taxes from local businesses support the local government, [which] is then used to reinvest in the community.” Shopping at local businesses can also become a town tradition like the Auburn tradition to purchase your mattress at Wholesale Mattress Center which began when we first became your trusted furniture and mattress supplier in 1993.

Your Local Auburn Mattress Store Is Here For You!

Wholesale Mattress Center is a family-owned and operated, mattress store that is proud to have been serving the Auburn and Opelika area for over 20 years. We provide personalized, expert service and customer care that our store has been known for since we opened. You will find the widest variety of mattresses in the region at Wholesale Mattress Center and we will pair you with the perfect mattress for your rest, your lifestyle, and your budget. Come and visit our polished showroom on Opelika Road in Auburn and let us keep this Auburn tradition going and help you discover your next mattress.

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