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For some people, shopping for virtually anything is a grueling process that can become draining. The best way to circumvent this shopping exhaustion is to know what you’re looking for, where you’re looking for it and when is the best time to make the purchase. When it comes to mattress shopping, it is a different ball game, but at Wholesale Mattress Center we want to provide you with the best possible information to help make your mattress shopping experience a breeze.

There is a variety of criteria you can consider when you are looking to purchase a new mattress. Just as you would weigh the pros and cons of any purchase, you use a similar technique when shopping for a mattress. The below criteria can be a good foundation to help you start:

  • Who is the mattress for?
  • Comfort level of the mattress
  • Desired size
  • Price

Mattress size

Every person has a different height and weight. Especially if you are young, overall growth is a factor to consider when buying a mattress. As your growth plateaus with aging, typically the trend is to invest in a mattress that fits the exact sizing you need. While these factors may seem small, they are details that you want to consider when selecting the perfect mattress for you. There are a few different mattress sizes to choose from:

Twin/Twin XL: The average twin bed’s dimensions are 39” X 75” and a Twin XL is approximately 39” X 80”. Selecting the longer twin is usually the preferred option if the individual is taller. Twin beds are designed to comfortably fit one person.

Full/Double: This mattress with average dimensions of, 54” X 75”, is a great compromise between a twin and a full. This mattress is designed to give a single sleeper a bit more room when they sleep, however, two people can fit on this mattress.

Queen: This kind of mattress is the most popular on the market because, with its dimensions averaging 60” X 80”, it gives couples a sizable amount of room to comfortably sleep next to each other without compromising space in the bedroom. The queen works well for people that need space to sleep, but don’t necessarily have a big enough room to capitalize on a king mattress.

King/California King: Both king beds provide single sleepers or couples with the most optimal space when they sleep. Relatively speaking, a couple in a king bed will each have approximately a twin size part of the bed to themselves. When compared to the regular king with dimensions of 76” X 80”, the California king mattress shifts four inches from the width of the bed and transfers it to the length making it, 72” X 84”. The California king is the largest available on the market.

Mattress type

Along with different sizes, there are so many different types of mattresses and brands to choose from. If you prefer a certain brand, it is important to research this before and while the purchase process is occurring. Generically speaking the different types of mattresses available include:

Memory foam: Memory foam mattresses are well known for their ability to form around your body when you sleep to ensure individualized comfort. The foam is made from a material called viscoelastic that reacts to the body’s weight and temperature. A fun fact about viscoelastic, this foam was used with astronauts to prevent them from encountering extreme conditions, so with this mattress, the aim is that your sleep will be out of this world.

Innerspring: This is the kind of mattress that typically comes to mind first, as it is the most common. It has three distinguishing components: the foundation, comfort layer and core. All of these components can be shifted and altered based on brand and desired comfort level. Each layer adds to and differentiates the overall comfort of the mattress.

Hybrid: Just as it sounds, a hybrid integrates both the memory foam and the innerspring components. This creates a balanced dynamic for mattress customers that want a little bit of every technology.

Perfect price point

The goal when shopping for mattresses is to find the mattress of your dreams without breaking the bank. The first step is to research. With the internet, there is so much information available at your fingertips - use this to your advantage. Look into pricing online and see what people buying a similar mattress are paying for it. The second step is to go into a store and really test out the mattress you are interested in, you don’t want to invest in a mattress and then find out later it gives you a horrible night of sleep or back pain. A mattress is an important investment, so make sure you are getting a good price with your salesperson and the store. A lot of mattress stores will run specials that you should definitely take advantage of.

At Wholesale Mattress Center, our mattress specialists will work personally with you to help you make your shopping experience a breeze and get the best night sleep possible. Contact us at (334) 821-0558 to find your perfect mattress today.

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