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A good night’s sleep is essential for our health and well-being. So many functions in the body are in motion while our eyes are closed. In fact, getting good quality sleep at night can protect and prolong our mental health, physical health, quality of life and even safety. For children and young adults, sleeping does a lot to support growth and development.

50 years ago or so, we started researching sleep. We found that sleeping is not just a passive part of our daily lives. We know now that our brains are very active when we sleep and that it actually affects our physical and mental health.

While how much sleep we get each night depends on age, it can also determine how we behave each day, and overtime, why certain health issues have developed. However, there are millions and millions of Americans do not get acceptable amounts of sleep each night.

Every summer we are reminded that getting to the right temperature is the key to a perfect night’s sleep. When we are too warm or too cold our REM sleep is interrupted, causing us to toss and turn. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information’s (NCBI) research, our temperature is one of the most important aspects of how well we sleep at night. Your mattress could be partly to blame for your uncomfortably hot night’s sleep. With tempurpedic or soft mattresses, the warmer the material is the farther you sink into the bed. This makes warm nights even hotter, but there are ways to combat this unwanted heat. Try looking for mattresses with natural fabrics like cotton, wool, and latex for a cooler night’s sleep. Also, opting for innerspring and tempurpedic mattresses with cooling effects, means there’s no reason to suffer from the heat. Not looking for a new mattress? Then try looking for breathable materials for your bedding needs like cotton, bamboo, or silk, which allow for more airflow for those stuffy summer nights. Here at Wholesale Mattress Center, we want you to stay cool this summer and get the best night’s sleep possible. Here are a few of our best tips to battle the humidity this season.

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