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Stress has the ability to negatively impact someone’s life in a wide variety of ways. Unfortunately, a major factor affected when stress levels are high is sleep. Once stress levels increase, it is important to “fight” the urge to stay awake at bedtime and make sure you go to sleep and get rest. Staying up all night can be detrimental to your wellbeing. Sleep is vital in order to maintain focus, maintain energy levels and improve your overall health. As sleep quality decreases, stress levels naturally increase; this ‘cause-and-effect’ process continues until a quality sleep cycle is maintained. Wholesale Mattress Center believes the first step to help improve your sleep quality and get the amount you need, is finding the right mattress for you. The comfort level and support system within a mattress enables relaxation, increasing sleep. We want to help our customers who suffer from stress and sleepless nights to find peace and well deserved rest at bedtime. Once a comfortable environment is achieved, in turn you will start sleeping better, and feeling better, ultimately keeping stress levels stable.

For some people, shopping for virtually anything is a grueling process that can become draining. The best way to circumvent this shopping exhaustion is to know what you’re looking for, where you’re looking for it and when is the best time to make the purchase. When it comes to mattress shopping, it is a different ball game, but at Wholesale Mattress Center we want to provide you with the best possible information to help make your mattress shopping experience a breeze.

There’s nothing worse than tossing and turning all night then feeling groggy with low energy the next day. Sleep plays a crucial role in living a healthy day-to-day life. Getting high-quality sleep helps promote good physical and mental health, and while you sleep your brain is working to support and maintain these functions. During sleep, your brain is also forming new neurological pathways to help you learn, grow and retain memories.

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